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“Your journey has molded you for the greater good, and it was exactly what it needed to be. Don't think that you've lost time. It took each and every situation you have encountered to bring you to the now. And now is right on time.”

Our Mission: We are committed to providing progressive  quality wellness and holistic aesthetics and spa  educational courses that are applicable, marketable and provides our students with realistic wellness and healing protocols  that make a difference.  Our dedication to the Cancer community is based on us actively being involved for over  7 years  in creating Quality of Life Spa Programs and providing education for Wellness and Spa Professionals who have a desire to provide safe spa treatments conducive for those living with Cancer.  

Important Information:  There is no existing governing   agency in the United States that oversees the  approval of any existing Oncology  Skin Therapy or Oncology Esthetics Programs. All programs and  membership associations are independently owned and operated. Our  Oncology Program has been evaluated and endorsed by the Board of Oncologist at Presbyterian Hospital and Cancer Wellness and Rehabilitation.   


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2 Day On-Site Oncology Skin Therapy Certification Course
Course Theory and Hands-On Practicum will be held in 
Dallas, Texas April 13-14 2014  at Spa Esoteric. 
We will also be providing on 
 April 15, 2014 the Hand and Foot Cancer Comfort Care Course for licensed Spa Professionals.
Oncologists Board Approved Course Curriculum
 Endorsed by LINDI Skin No. 1 Oncology Skin Care Product in the Country 
Space is Limited. Early enrollment is strongly encouraged
Books and Course Supplies included in the price of Tuition.
Call 866-582-2927 for more information and the listing of accommodations. 


Global Oncology Online Certification Course Anniversary 
Tuition Special
 Enroll Today Only 7 spaces available
It's the 8th Year Anniversary of the Global Oncology Online Skin Therapy Course.  Enjoy learning at your own pace in the privacy of your home or office.   Our expanded edition includes The Skin Therapy Course and the Hand and Foot Cancer Comfort Care Course for only $425.00. 
 Global Online Oncology Skin Therapy and Foot and Hand Comfort Care Course Package.
Receive both Online Courses for a Special Tuition Rate includes PDF Books and Graduation Packet.

A Savings of  $70

Train to become a  
Cancer Comfort Care - Beauty Wellness Group Facilitator . 
This course will teach you how to organize and create interactive classes for Cancer Groups by providing  Beauty Wellness and Skin Health Education. These courses will assist you in educating people going through Cancer Treatments with how to care for their skin effectively and how to provide safe beauty wellness treatments for themselves at home. Each lesson plan has a fully planned out lesson with course objectives and interactive exercises to make your group session fun and enjoyable. We will  assist you in becoming confident in sharing pertinent information and education. You will also receive monthly professional coaching and constant support if you choose to become part of our Beauty Wellness Facilitators group.  For an application and more information contact us at  866-582-2927. 
The first meeting will be held Virtually Online  April 30, 2014. 
Prerequisite - Must be a Certified Oncology Aesthetician/Skin Care Therapist
" Because We Care"

In our Professional Oncology Skin Therapy Courses you will learn how to  identify and appropriately address  some of these systemic  skin manifestations associated with oncology medical treatments. 

Our  Advance Professional  Oncology Skin Care Therapy Certification Course has been endorsed and  connected to the following Cancer Professionals and Facilities:
*Cancer Services Inc., A Palliative Care Center
*Presbyterian Hospital Cancer Rehabilitation and Wellness Center
*Partners In Healing Cancer Care and Massage Support Program
*Dr. Mario Lacouture Oncology Dermatologist and author of  Skin Care Guide to People Living With Cancer
*International Oncology Aesthetics Association, IOAA established 2010

Our Oncology Skin Care and Spa Certification Course has been Endorsed by the No. 1 Oncology Skin care product line in the Country. Located in over 800 Hospitals and Cancer Centers, backed by a scientific board of Physicians and Cancer Health Professionals.


ENROLLING for the New Virtual Online Oncology Course 
Join Us on Our New Live Virtual Oncology Skin Care and Spa Certification Courses.  
Instructor Lead, Scheduled Classes, in the 
Privacy of your Home or Spa
 8:30-9:30pm EST time
 2014 Virtual Oncology Course Start Dates
April 14, 2014- Enrolling Now- 4 spaces available
May 14, 2014-  Now Enrolling
June 16, 2014- Now Enrolling

4 Weeks Duration all Course Materials are included in the price of Tuition.
We are meeting the needs of our students, with our  New Virtual  Live Classroom Oncology  Skin Care  & Spa Certification Course  in the comfort of your home or office  without the expense of time and travel. This following are benefits of the Virtual Oncology Skin Care and Spa Certification Course:

  • 4 Week Virtual Class
  • Oncology Board Approved Curriculum
  • Same Day and Time Commitment 
  • Instructor-Lead Course
  • Complementary  Education Mentorship Program with Scheduled Office Phone  appointments for Active Students
  • Specific Scheduled Course Start Dates 
  • No Computer Programs to Maneuver 
  • Small Class Participants 
  • PDF of Reference Guide and Workbooks are included...
Seating is limited. 

June 16, 2014-  3 Day Oncology Certification Symposium in
 Atlanta Georgia Call for more Information. 
Oncology Skin Therapy * Hand and Foot Comfort Care* Oncology Spa Business Development
 *Beauty Wellness Facilitator  Education* 
Breakfast and Lunch Included Daily. Call for more information and to Register. 

Our Oncology Textbook, Reference Guide and Practitioners Workbook

Oncology Board Approved Curriculum Educational Skincare and Spa Programs 

Integrative Wellness Esthetics- Master Aesthetician Course
Live Webinar Series 10 Weeks of Intensive Training in the Whole Person approach to Professional Skin Care Wellness.  This course will  teach you how to understand Correction, Restorative-Healing and Maintenance Esthetic  Skin Therapy Wellness Modalities from a  skin care ingredient and a professional skin care protocol approach. This is done by  customizing appropriate skin care protocols based on age, ethnicity, skin type, skin conditions, medical, health and lifestyle of the Whole person.  We are breaking the cookie-cutter approach to skin therapy wellness. This course is for Aestheticians, Nurses and Cosmeticians who desire to learn how to improve the overall skin health of their clients by gaining advance knowledge of  Ingredients, Cosmetic chemistry, for Total Skin Wellness Health.  Class begins April 17, 2014
Tuition: $1200.00 Flexible Payment Plans are available.

Tuition Deposit $250

New Professional Clinical Oncology and Image Artistry Course
Learn how to enhance the facial image challenges of those who are going through challenges of chemotherapy, radiation therapy and other medical and health issues that affect the appearance. This course will instruct and educate you on the following topics:
*  The Psychology of Personal Image and Appearance
* Clinical Complexion Correction and Camouflage Application
*  Clinical Cosmetic Artistry of Facial Features
*  Specialized Tools of the Trade
*  Sanitation and Safety Methods & Procedures
* Professional Protocols for Day and Special Occasion Imaginary
As an added bonus this course includes camouflage makeup for skin discolorations, epidermal burns, birthmarks and tattoo coverage.
 This Weekend Workshop will be held in Atlanta, Georgia  
Books, Breakfast and Lunch is included in the Price of Tuition.
Tuition: $ 625.00 Clinical Artistry Kit 
$ 225.00
Space is limited to 12 Students.  
A Down payment of $250.00 is due to hold space with the Final payment due the week before class. 
Call for more information 866-582-2927

ON-LINE Global Oncology Professional Spa and Skin Care 
On-line Certification Course:

We established and founded the First and Only Oncologists approved curriculum for Global Oncology OnLine Certification Course for Aestheticians and Spa Professionals.

This complete comprehensive On-Line Oncology Certification Course includes; state-of-the-art  Medical Media Animation, easy to  follow cancer theory, clear and concise visual aids and video. This  self-paced course includes quizzes, essay, study exercises and final exam.

This  Internationally recognized course has students abroad in:  Australia - South America - Frankfurt Germany - US Virgin Islands - Puerto Rico - Canada
 Regular Tuition $ 295

 Internet Based Courses are Non-Refundable and Non-Transferable.

Advance Oncology Aesthetics Monthly Workshop for Oncology Certified Aesthetician Graduates
Our Monthly Advance Practical  Hands-On Oncology  Skin Care Workshop will be held  every  Month in Atlanta, Georgia. These Advance workshops will include the three phases of oncology skin therapy such as,  New Restorative Skin Care, Detoxifying Gua'Sha skin care and Post-Oncology skin care protocols for those going living with and recovering from Cancer. Each Workshop is geared to expand and broaden your  knowledge of  beneficial ingredients, safe skin care protocols  and spa treatments as well as safety, sanitation and  medical contraindications. 
May 17, 2014

Tuition: $225

Includes:  Advance Aesthetics Oncology Continuing Education Certificate,  Student handouts and Practical supplies, 

Professional Oncology Certification Course Curriculum 
Module 1 - What is Cancer Cellular Function & Health 

Module 2 - The Oncology Clients' Physical and Emotional Health & Wellness 

Module 3 - Immunology & Integument Systems, A,B, C, D, E's of potential Skin Cancer Lesions

Module 4 - Cancer Medications and Therapies Skin Reactions & Manifestations and Active Case Studies
Module 5 - Oncology Skin care Assessments, Skin Analysis & Consultations & Important Forms

Module 6 - Safe Skin Care & Spa Product Ingredients, Protocols & Contraindications 

Module 7 -Practitioner and Client Safety, Oncology Safe Spa Environment & Cross Contamination Prevention 

Module 8 - Detoxifying Oncology Facial Massage & Restorative Oncology Skin Care Treatments & Complimentary Relaxation Techniques and Protocols. 

Oncology Course Disclaimer: This course is strictly to provide Cancer Spa Comfort Care© in a Spa & Wellness Center environment by licensed Skin Care Therapists / Aestheticians and Spa Professionals.  This course is in no way a substitute for medical treatment, nor does it give anyone the authority or permission to prognoses, diagnose or medically treat skin conditions, reactions, diseases or wounds associated with oncology medical conditions.    All medical conditions and concerns must be referred to the client/patient physician immediately. 
This is a Non-Medical Course.

Just a Few of our many Graduates!!!
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Dallas, TX <<<>>> 2012
Dallas, TX <<<>>> 2012
Dallas, TX <<<>>> 2012
Dallas, TX <<<>>> 2012
Dallas, TX <<<>>> 2012
Dallas, TX <<<>>> 2012
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Lindy Snider, Founder of LINDI SKIN
Philadelphia, PA <<<>>> 2012
Philadelphia, PA <<<>>> 2012
Because We Care....
Because We Care....

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